Capricor announces positive clinical trial results

Encouraging results have been announced from a clinical trial of cardiac cell therapy for Duchenne. US company Capricor Therapeutics conducted the clinical trial of the therapy called 'CAP-1002' which was injected directly into the heart.

These preliminary results, six months after the injection, show that there appears to be benefits for the heart and interestingly also for upper limb function. The company plans to start a clinical trial soon which will involve injecting the cells into the blood stream to see if these benefits can be enhanced and to allow safer re-dosing. It is thought that the cells will need to be administered at least every three months.

This news is exciting not only because these results indicate that this therapy might be working, but the older population of Duchenne patients included in this trial are often neglected in the development of treatments. However, it is still early days and further testing will be required.

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